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    The Original Bit+Wash™ The Original Bit+Wash™ The Original Bit+Wash™

    The Original Bit+Wash™

    The Original Bit+Wash™ Bit Cleaning Kit includes: - Bit+Wash™ 6 oz. “Buttermint” cleaning-conditioning solution- Microfiber bit scrubbing towel with hanging loop- Bit scrubbing wand for those “hard to clean”...

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    Soft rubber fits easily over the ears
 - yes they look a little strange?! One ear in..
One ear out .. Soundproof inserts fit snugly into most bonnets Easy to fit & comfortable for the horse Horse wearing soundproof ears

    Soundproof Ears

    Soundproof your own ear bonnets An easy economical way to help reduce noise for nervous horses or those easily distracted Soft rubber which fits easily into your own bonnet & fits comfortably over the horses ears Sold in pairs    ...

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    Now: $26.95
  • Size: Pony or Horse Size: Horse Smaller size for ponies POMMS® Equine Ear Plugs

    POMMS® Equine Ear Plugs

    Premium Equine Ear Plugs are designed to allow your horse and pony to hearnormal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises. POMMS® “comfort plus” design protects your horse’s and pony's sensitive ears from wind,...

  • Bit Burr

    Bit Burr

    Spiked Bit Burr made of stiff black plastic fits easily over the bit for horses who like to pull in one direction

  • Dressage Test White Board Dressage Test White Board

    Dressage Test White Board

    Having trouble learning that Dressage Test ? The white board is an easy way of getting your head around it Just use the marker (included) to pencil your way around your test untilyou have it down pat. Double sides, wipes clean and can be used over...

  • Rail Razer Rail Razer

    Rail Razer

    Rail Razer works on a horse's agility, collection and engagement Set up as part of the daily flat work lesson, it will teach your horse to get hishocks underneath him. Lightweight, stackable and portable - Sold in pairs 

  • Ear Plugs Ear Plugs

    Ear Plugs

    Ear plugs are manufactured from a high tech foam sponge with 85% noise redduction Great for horses who have trouble coping with excessive noise levels at shows, teamedwith an ear bonnet ear plugs can often calm even the most nervous horses. Unique...

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