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  • No Nots - 500ml

    No Nots - 500ml

    Gone are the days wasting hours of time pulling manes and wrestling with tangled hair and tails Save time and frustration by using Australia’s widely recognised hair de-tangler and conditioner – NRG No-Nots. This water-based grooming...

  • Diamonds Hearts or Stars Squares

    Quarter Markers

    A quick and easy-to-use template for great quarter marksFour Designs available & FREE postage on this item ! Diamond: PinkHeart: PinkSquare: BlackStar: Purple

  • Razor Groom

    Razor Groom

    The Razor groom doesn't really shave but it really cleans!! This glove is palm-shaped with three circular sets of grooming teeth that catch all the loose hair and collect these between them for easy disposal Also great to use in the wash bay to remove...

    MSRP: $12.95
  • Blunt ends for safety

    Plaiting Scissors

    This nifty plaiting scissors have a BLUNT end so no worries of stabbing your beloved horse in the neck when taking out your show braids.  

  • Firm bristles one end, soft the other The only brush you will ever need

    Body Brush – Wahl Combi

    Wahl Body Brush – Combi If you only ever buy one brush... this is the one ! The new comfort rubber grip, fits perfectly into any size hand New patent pending ergonomic and stylish design is easier to grip and use New innovative combination...

  • Mane Trimmer Mane Trimmer Mane Trimmer

    Mane Trimmer

    Mane trimmer is a stronger designed comb made to conveniently thin, comb and cut manes Replaceable blade For right or left handed use

  • Small flexible teeth Shaped for your hand Rubber Palm Massager

    Rubber Palm Massager

    Rubber Palm Massager has been perfectly shaped for an easy grip Manufactured from a durable rubber with small flexible teeth which gently wobble to detangle manes quickly with minimum breakage. An ideal small brush for face & legs...

  • Rubber Groomer

    Rubber Groomer

    Uniquely designed Rubber Groomer is made to deep clean an massage your horses coat at the same time.   Thirty one strategically placed cleaning / massaging fingers will not allow dirt or hair to build up.   Features a moulded strap back...

  • Sheds & Massages Shaped to fit your hand Rubber Palm Curry

    Rubber Palm Curry

    Rubber Palm Curry is manufactured from a durable quality rubber with cone shaped teeth that shed hair and massage your horse Perfect shape make for a comfortable fit in your hand

  • Hand Clippers

    Hand Clippers

    Finest hand operated clippers for all horsemen Perfect for trimming and clipping of horse's fetlocks, mand and head area Light & handy for those quick tidy-ups without the bulk & noise of electric clippers

  • Braid Aid

    Braid Aid

    This Braid Aid is a handy little tool to take a bit of stress out of your next show the easy to hold braiding comb has a long handle with a narrow head to help make braiding super quick & easy

  • Tail Tamer Tail Tamer

    Tail Tamer

    The Tail Tamer Comb has super strong teeth, scientifically curved for extra reflex-reaction Ideal for untangling a wet tail and adds extra volume to tails before entering the show ring 20cm in length, a must for the grooming box

  • Lots of colurs to choose from Deep massage Shallow massage Great to use when washing your horse
to remove loose hair

    Jelly Mitt

    Two sided Jelly Scrub Mitt is one of he hottest brushes in the equine inductry This super bath brush made of a soft rubber gently curries out dead hair without stripping it Ideal for the sensitive horse & for those delicate areas Treat your horse...

  • Grooming Tote Grooming Tote Grooming Tote

    Grooming Tote

    How many uses has this bag ? Use it ring side for those last minute touch ups ... Around the house for cleaning products ... Fill it with your favorite grooming gear ... Great for First-Aid supplies on the move ... Manufactured from strong denier...

  • Pink Brush Set

    Pink Brush Set

    Pretty in Pink .. super little brush set to have in the float or tack room Hard brush for removing dirt Soft brush for those delicate areas Comb to get the tangles out of manes and tails .... and a brush o finish off all in a plastic zip up bag 

  • Hoof Pick

    Hoof Pick

    Finally - a hoof pick that cleans UNDER the shoe  A new state of the art Hoof Pick cleans the entire hoof!! Frog, sole, bars, and between shoe and plate to help prevent the bacteria build up in the hard to get to areas. A must for every...

  • Long bristles for a great 'flick' Flick, Face & Body Brush

    Equestria™ Sport Black & Gold Flick Brush

    Larger-sized black & metallic gold dual-injected molded dandy-style block with matching black & metallic smooth, straight 3" synthetic fiber bristles for a great 'flick' Designed for general purpose body grooming and specifically for flicking...

  • Equestria™ Sport Black & Gold Mini Brush Flick, Mini & Body Brush

    Equestria™ Sport Black & Gold Mini Brush

    Mini black & metallic gold dual-injected molded block with colour-coordinated smooth synthetic fiber; Designed for general purpose face and body grooming Durable and waterproof, For use everyday, or for pre-competition groomingGreat for ponies,...

  • Fits snugly in your hand Flick, Mini & Body Brush

    Equestria™ Sport Black & Gold Body Brush

    Larger-sized black & metallic gold dual-injected molded block, black web hand strap, and soft synthetic black & metallic gold fibre Durable and waterproof Web strap fits snugly and comfortably over the hand to enhance lateral movement during...

  • Soft bristles especially for the face

    Decker Face Brush

    The Face Brush is an extra soft synthetic brush designed to be gentle around the face of large animals It features a wood block and soft synthetic bristle Fits snugly in the palm of your hand for easy use around eyes etc

22 of 22 Items