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  • Rubber Stud Plugs

    Rubber Stud Plugs

    Rubber Stud Plugs are the easy answer to keeping stud holes clean Easily removed & re-used Pack contains 20 pieces  

  • Studs Stud 'C' Stud 'A' Stud 'D' Stud 'G'


    Studs & Plugs are designed to attach to the horseshoe to provide extra grip while being ridden, particularly during competition Horseshoe studs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to adapt to different footing conditions; studs are worn...

  • Easy way to keep studs clean Stud Suds Before Stud Suds After Stud Suds

    Stud Suds

    Stud Suds is a quick, convenient way to clean and lubricate studs immediately after use This easy to use container allows you to drop your studs in, close and shake! Studs can be drained and lifted out using the inner trayStud Suds removes dirt and...

  • T-Tap & Pick T-Tap & Pick

    T-Tap & Pick

    You will love this new two piece t-tap and pick - makes cleaning stud holes a breeze!   The T-Tap comes with a pick which makes it east to dig out dirt   High visibility plastic yellow handles make them easy to spot in a grooming tote or...

  • Easy access Sturdy handle Keep your studs, taps, and plugs separate and organized. This sturdy box was designed to keep your studs, taps, 
and plugs separate and organized.

    Stud Box

    This easy stud box will keep all your studs & accessories in place Large clip opening with tiered shelf & compartments for all your studs. Heavy duty plastic, easy carry handle - a must to keep it all in 'one place'

  • Stud Hole Cleaner

    Stud Hole Cleaner

    This handy tool will help eliminate dirt from stud holes. It's stiff wire brush easily flicks excess dirt away, the sharp tool at the other end is great for removing plugs. Moulded handle for wasy grip - a must for every stud box

  • Stud Plugs Stud Plugs Stud Plugs

    Stud Plugs

    Newest & easiest stud plugs on the market A small hole in the middle of the plug allows you to use the included horseshoe nail for easy removal Can be re-used - Pack contains 25 plugs 

  • Magnetic Wrist Band

    Magnetic Wrist Band

    Ever wished you had an extra hand ? Then this magnetic wrist band is definately it  - Just wear it like a watch and keep studs, pins, horse shoe nails, or anything else magnetic close at hand. Allso works a treat for finding lost studs in bedding...

  • Save those holes Leave slightly out to protect rim Threadsavers Threadsavers


    No longer do you need to worry about the thread in your stud holes being ruined No need to re-tap holes before putting studs in Threadsavers are a simple and easy too insert Made from closed cell foam they are easily installed with a clockwise...

  • Stud Spinner Stud Spinner Stud Spinner Stud Spinner

    Stud Spinner

    The safety spin stud tap is the 'safe' and 'easy' way to re-thread stud holes Have you ever had your horse try to step down with a standard T tap in the stud hole ? Hopefully you have never experienced he consequences This special short tap reduces...

  • Pack of 20, Allen Key included Screw in blanks

    Stud Blanks

    Used in the same manner as cotton plugs, these plugs are manufactured from steel & are removed with an Allen key (included) Packs of 20 - FREE postage!

  • Lubricated to prevent rust

    Traction Plugs

    100% knitted cotton, Lubricated with non-toxic rust preventative Used to keep stud holes clean when studs have been removed

  • Magnetic Stud Dish

    Magnetic Stud Dish

    Tired of losing studs after the leave your stud box ? or chasing them around in the grass ? This magnetic dish will keep them where you want them until you are ready to use them Also great for pins or anything magnetic that you want to stay put !

13 of 13 Items