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Hoof Protection

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  • Tubbease Hoof Sock Inserts sold separately Measure across the widest part of the hoof Tubbease Hoof Sock Tubbease Hoof Sock

    Tubbease Hoof Sock

    Tubbease Hoof Socks provide the ultimate solution to a variety of common hoof ailments Laminitis, Abscess, Seedy toe, Thrush, Thin soles and compromised or damaged hooves. The PVC-molded sock allows the use of a variety of remedies and can also...

  • Colour coded to match corresponding Hoof Sock Pink 110mm Red 140mm Blue 155mm Orange 165mm

    Tubbease Sole Insert

    Tubbease Sole Insert is a simple disc of relatively-soft EVA material designed to be placed inside the  Hoof Sock before application to the hoof. This insert cushions the hoof, reducing impact shock for very tender hooves The insert is not...

  • Hoof Testers - Stainless Steel Hoof Testers - Stainless Steel

    Hoof Testers - Stainless Steel

    Professional quality stainless steel Hoof Tester as used by vets, farriers and other professionals Allows to identify and locate abscesses, infections and stone bruises or pinpoint soreness in the hoof

  • Simple, easy, effective! Sizing: Measure the widest part of the hoof

    Poultice Boot

    A hard wearing water resistant canvas boot with a PVC base for extra strengthThe simple but effective design takes the pain out of treating hoof injuries Shaped to the leg and fastened with a velcro strap so there aren't any clips to rub your horses...

  • HooFix Boot HooFix Boot

    HooFix Boot

    HOOFix Emergency Boot is a innovative 'spare tyre' for your horse Manufactured with speciality fabrics that are light weight & durable to protect your horse's hoof in an emergency.   Lightly padded on the sole this boot comes with a...

  • HooFix High Density Hoof Pad

    HooFix High Density Hoof Pad

    The HOOFix High-Density Pad delivers exceptional cushioning for immediate relief to horses with sore hoofs. This hoof pad's high performance hybrid foam provides unsurpassed shock absorption. When the hoof is on the ground, our hoof pads only...

  • Hoof Pick

    Hoof Pick

    Finally - a hoof pick that cleans UNDER the shoe  A new state of the art Hoof Pick cleans the entire hoof!! Frog, sole, bars, and between shoe and plate to help prevent the bacteria build up in the hard to get to areas. A must for every...

  • Bell Boots Bell Boots

    Bell Boots

    Made from durable rubber to provide maximum protection to the bulb area of the heel Also great for horses in transport, protects the coronet band from knocks & bumps Smooth outer with double velcro closure  

  • Unique design prevents turning No Turn Bell Boots

    No Turn Bell Boots

    Uniquely designed, No Turn Bell Boots are constructed of durable long wearing, 18 oz. tarpalene with PK lining which provides maximum comfort and protection to the horses bulb and coronet band This contoured design with double hook and loop...

  • Fleece Lined Bell Boots Fleece Lined Bell Boots

    Fleece Lined Bell Boots

    A very durable bell boot that is fleece lined at the ankle for extra protection.  Made of the finest quality rubber to provide maximum protection to bulb area of the heel. Features smooth with double velcro in black or white 

  • Jumping Bell Boot Jumping Bell Boot Jumping Bell Boot Jumping Bell Boot Jumping Bell Boot

    Jumping Bell Boot

    The first choice of many International Grand Prix competitors An alternative to regular bell boots the 'Jumping' bell boot provides protection to the heel while leaving the coronet band open.  Superior non-chafe design with a unique V fitting...

11 of 11 Items