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Why Routine is a Recipe for Success

Why Routine is a Recipe for Success

26th Apr 2024

We all have routines, those little habits that keep our days running smoothly. But did you know your horse thrives on routine too? It might surprise you, but those morning whinnies at the feed bucket are more than just hunger pangs – they're your horse's internal clock reminding you it's breakfast time!

Horses are creatures of habit, and routine provides them with a sense of security. As prey animals, they're wired with a strong fight-or-flight response. A consistent schedule helps keep them calm and relaxed. Think about it – a nervous horse easily spooked by minor changes. Routine minimizes those surprises, promoting feelings of safety and comfort.

The benefits go beyond mental well-being. Consistent feeding times can actually help prevent gastric ulcers in some horses. After all, a relaxed horse is a healthy horse!

Life throws curveballs, and sticking to a rigid schedule isn't always possible. But even when you're away at a competition, maintaining familiar routines (like feeding times) can significantly ease your horse's anxiety in an unfamiliar environment.

Introducing new routines, like a new stablemate or a change in turnout times, should be done gradually. This allows your horse to adjust without undue stress.

Remember, a well-established routine benefits everyone. It keeps your stable running smoothly, ensures your horse's needs are met consistently, and fosters a trusting bond between you and your equine companion. After all, a happy horse makes a happy rider!