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Dog Anti Splash Water Bowl

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The All Fur You Anti Splash, Anti Spill Water Bowl works by floating the sealing plate on the water,
effectively stopping spillage, dust & hair from entering the bowl and preventing your pet immersing their mouth in the water. 

The bowl is comprised of 3 components:
1. The fixing strip to keep the unit together.
2. The floating plate which locks the water from the outside air.
3. The bowl body which holds 1L of water.

The sealing layer rises & falls with the water level. When the water level is low, simply add more through the centre hole and the plate moves up to the fixing strip.
The design of the water bowl slows down the rate of drinking.  Pets can access a smaller amount of water at a time.

In car use: The unique sealing design of the All Fur You bowl effectively stops water sloshing out when on the move and allows it to be carried in the car without fuss.

Easy clean: All parts are dishwasher safe

Suitable for dogs and cats.

COLOURS: Grey; White

SIZES:  Small & Large