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EquineCare Probiotic

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Equine Care Probiotic is a specially formulated supplement that can help prevent and treat common equine skin conditions
such as mud fever, rain scald, thrush, seedy toe, greasy heel, and white line disease.

These skin conditions are typically caused by bacterial or fungal infections that thrive in moist conditions,
particularly in horses with non-pigmented skin.

Unlike other treatments, Equine Care Probiotic is gentle and kind to your horse's skin.
It allows scabs to remain intact as a natural part of the healing process.

All you need to do is remove as much mud as possible, and then apply the spray once a day until the condition is fully healed.

For horses that are particularly prone to these skin conditions, we recommend using Equine Care Probiotic twice a week as part of their maintenance routine.

Choose Equine Care Probiotic for a safe, effective, and natural solution to your horse's skin problems.


Available in 500ml & 1L sizes

1 Review

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Amelia on 3rd May 2023

    Love love this stuff!! I use it for greasy heel on my horse but have also used it on minor skin irritations as well. Best bit is you don't have to pick off scabs.