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Rubber Flash Strap

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Introducing the innovative Snaffle-it Rubber Flash Strap - the newest addition to your everyday equestrian toolkit!

Say goodbye to the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional flash straps with this revolutionary new product.




Designed to give your horse the freedom they need while still providing the support of a flash, the Snaffle-it Rubber Flash Strap is a game-changer.
Unlike conventional straps that can be constricting and uncomfortable, this strap allows for easy movement and natural behaviour.




Created out of a need for a more comfortable and effective alternative, the Snaffle-it Rubber Flash Strap is the perfect solution.
Tightening the flash can be half the battle with traditional straps, as horses often resist. And when it comes time to remove the strap,
the slimy mess left behind can be a challenge in itself.




Thankfully, the Snaffle-it Rubber Flash Strap solves all of these problems.
Simply buckle it on, stretch it over your horse's chin, and when you're done, stretch it back off while still buckled.

It's so easy, anyone can do it!




And that's not all - this strap is designed with your horse's comfort in mind.
An attached guard helps prevent pinching, and multiple holes allow for easy adjustment to fit any horse perfectly.
If you need to shorten it, no problem - just cut it to size.




With an end-to-end measurement of 67.31 centimetres (26 1/2 inches) and two classic colour options (Black and Havana),
the Snaffle-it Rubber Flash Strap is a must-have for any rider or trainer.

So why wait? Try the Snaffle-it Rubber Flash Strap today and see the difference for yourself!




1 Review

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    Posted by Andrea on 3rd May 2023

    I purchased this for my horse that needs a flash strap but gets fussy when it's tight. The rubber flash strap has plenty of 'give' so the horse felt no resistance against it - Game changer!