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Studs & Plugs are designed to attach to the horseshoe to provide extra grip while being ridden,
particularly during competition

Horseshoe studs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to adapt to different footing conditions;
studs are worn only while the horse is being worked and when not in use a plug or blank is used to keep the thread
of the stud hole clean and ready for the next ride

If studs are being used and the horse is jumping, a special Girth known as a stud girth, should be worn to prevent
damage to the horse’s belly from the stud

A) Small Hexagonal Bullet: Good-to-dry conditions (hind) or wet conditions (front)

C) Full-Short Hexagonal Bullet: Wet conditions with deep footing (hind) or on inside with full spike outside

D) Full Hexagonal Spike: Grass in dry/hard conditions. Use on outside, with a dull stud on inside.

G) Flat Hexagonal Road: Everyday use (front) in hard conditions

H) Semi-Hexagonal Spike: Good to dry conditions (front). Outside with a dull stud of the same height on inside to prevent grabbing

J) Hexagonal Bullet: Good to slick conditions (hind) as a pair or on the inside with a semi-spike outside, or in wet conditions as a pair (front)

L) Large Hexagonal Bullet: Good to slick conditions (hind) as a pair or on the inside with a semi-spike outside. Also as a pair in very wet conditions (front)

T) Small-Square Road Stud: For everyday use

Y) Hexagonal Spike: Grass to dry hard conditions. Outside with a dull stud on the inside

X) Full Short Hexagonal Bullet: Everyday use (front)